Guppa Home Design

Guppa Home Design is a family-owned furniture store in Nicosia. The company established in 2007 and is well known for having some of the best prices on quality furniture in the country.

Aysu Koseoglu, who is the store manager, says that they have all the most popular furniture brands from Turkey in their range. If you have special requirements in terms of dimensions or material, you’re welcome to order through the store. They sell at the same price as the brands sell their furniture in Turkey.

Aysu says that she along with her sister, who is the in-house architect, can draw and design the whole of the customer’s home, both inside and out.

“We design and decorate the homes so that it reflects the personality of the customer,” explains Aysu. They draw buildings, floor plans and 3D drawings. Even companies are customers at Guppa Home Design and they have set up cafes and shops on the island.

We take a look at the store and note that, despite the autumn, Guppa Home Design has a feeling of spring and bright pastels in its furniture range. Details of turquoise, blue and red are matching nicely with classy white sofas and stylish tables made of solid wood. Further into the store there are beds of various sizes and styles.

Aysu says that they also sell curtains, rugs, dressers, mirrors and practically everything you need for your home.
Guppa Home Design also has an outlet store in Iskele.

Telephone: 0392 225 4780

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