Gunnel and Sune save restaurant from burning down

The Swedish couple Gunnel and Sune became the heroes of the weekend when they saved Stevie’s Restaurant, located in the neighbourhood Aqua Village outside of Esentepe, from burning down.

The fire started, by a still unknown reason, in the back of the restaurant on Sunday.

Since it is low-season only a few of the residents were in their houses in the area and could spot the smoke. Therefore, it was very fortunate that Gunnel and Sune, who only live about fifty metres from the restaurant, were at home and could call for the fire brigade.

“We saw that white smoke started to come out from one of the windows on the ground floor, we believe that is where the kitchen is located, and when it turned black felt we had to do something. So we called the fire department and told them that something was wrong,” Gunnel says.

Thanks to them calling at such an early stage, the fire department could extinguish the fire quickly and Stevie’s Restaurant escaped with only smoke damage.

Swedish couple Swedish couple

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