Dazzling haute couture at Gozz Concept Store

Brand new fashion house in North Cyprus! Dazzling haute couture rises from Cyprus’s first haute couture house of design, Gozz Concept Store. As it continues its love affair with Paris – one of the fashion capitals of the world – accomplished fashion house designer Gözde’s future will continue to bring a dazzling love affair of high couture to north Cyprus with her exquisite designer clothes shoes and show-stopping pieces.

Distinguished Designer of House of Gozz Concept Store. This Turkish Cypriot designer has come to take over the fashion world in Cyprus, one couture design at a time. Designer DNA by Gözde, whom has been sketching designs for couture pieces that would one day be the hallmark of her House of Gozz Concept Store collections. Gözde’s scrupulous editing and meticulous designs easily reflect the influence of the great designers of all time. Gozz Concept Store darling clothes are quintessentially French, delicately embroidered, whimsical and charming designs. Each piece is exquisitely handcrafted and perfectly outstanding.

Q: What inspired you to create Gozz Concept Store?
A:  I started building my ideas for House of Gozz Concept Store, while working as a French interpreter/translator for the UN.  On my days off, I would spend my time working on my brand. I remember in 4th grade, when they asked what I wanted to become, I said to myself,  “I don’t want to be a teacher or a doctor.” But I’ve always loved clothes. I didn’t even know I could be a fashion designer back then, but I loved clothes. I used to style my aunts all the time when they were going out. I’d say, “no don’t wear that, wear this and wear it with that!” Secretly dressing up in my mother’s beautiful clothes and shoes at every opportunity was just the beginning. I opened House of Gozz Concept Store in Kyrenia when my first collection was ready to launch.

Founder of Gozz Concept Store, eternally chic Gözde, mission to combat stress bullying behaviours and the effects on kids and teens which occurs mainly among school age children which has short and long term effects on the individual – by contributor awareness through the clothing she designs and retails. Gözde believes that seeing positive fun statements on the daily image will help define how children see themselves and the world around them. Megastyle at Gozz Concept Store collection for this season was a myriad of feminine hues with a palette abundant in blush pink, navy, celery, black and nude in diaphanous fabrics. A riotous mix of intricate pleating and embroidery, shocking animal prints and delicate dresses.

After a long line of male designers Gözde, is the first female to spearhead North Cyprus after the opening of her couture house last year. She’s undoubtedly one of the biggest and most-anticipated designers of the year, not only creating kiddies to teens iconic frocks, but also stretching the eternally chic look to parent and grandparent. She brought the purity of the silhouettes from the 50s and 70s and infused it with her contemporary touch. “I celebrate individuality, glamour and going back to design DNAs. With collections that brought all of our fantasies to life.

“High fashion is about Paris huh? says Gözde. She pays homage to Parisian roots, the city of life and flawless style, high fashion and elegance. Blending her Mediterranean roots for a fusion of glamourising impact lifestyle to her signature designs, Gozde is charged with unapologetic femininity. Show-stopping, red carpet-worthy looks became the couturier’s signature fitting generation to generation stretches  newborn to teens, parents to grandparents, presenting looks ranging from cocktail dresses, tailored coats, and larger-than-life gowns.

“I present my latest collection to which I channel the spirit of a vibrant tropical kiddie heaven with our range of colourful juicy fruit, rock art and tropical designs with a fun and alternative kick. All of our clothing is made with the highest quality fabrics. We are already expanding the collection! Our collection also includes unique pieces like limited edition handmade artwork dresses, tops, leggings and skirts, all gender neutral and eco-friendly prints printed on the softest, most stretchy & resilient cottons. The range of dazzling designs and hand drawn and hand sewn prints,” says Gozde.

If Cyprus ever opened a museum of haute couture, it might look something like this.  For fans of high style, this store is a veritable shrine. The owner, Gozde, has dedicated herself exclusively with discriminating taste, has amassed an immense and matchless collection. This includes her uniqueness, moreover, does not come at the expense of range. Inside, you’ll find a whole spectrum of dazzling items. She can guarantee that anything you buy will be not just an enviable addition to your wardrobe but a rare artifact of the fashion world.

Planning a trip to Gozz Kids soon? Let Gozde‘s, eclectic dynamic designer clothing for your bambino be your next purchase! Request a bespoke itinerary of items in stock. It’s a great debut opening for Gozz Kids, as for the first time the brand is presenting its collection to retail and in trade shows. A staple for couture Paris dress designs to curated selection where you can find fashionable designer signature outfits for complete wardrobe occasion shopping, experience dressing skills, spirit and signature preserving brand flair with a unique understanding of the modern mom and her wardrobe.

Behind the design, talented couture designer, multi-lingual Director, Gözde aim to stay true to her French designer heritage is a leader female entrepreneur ready to spearhead her marketplace in north Cyprus. Quintessentially celebrating show stopping looks have became the couturier’s signature, presenting looks ranging from cocktail dresses, tailored coats, and larger-than-life gowns with a mix of crayola brights and pastel hues, and fabrics to  casual understated elegance. Gözde debuts her first mega showcase at Gozz Concept Store Couture House, North Cyprus. Options for designer shopping is endless fun at Gozz Concept Store. Let the next generation be inspired! Go shopping!

Newborn – Baby – Toddler – Girl – Boy – Woman – Swimwear – T-shirts – Footwear  – Accessories –  Gifts – Campaign  – Gozz Account – Customer Service Consultation – Orders & Deliveries – Gift packaging & Concierge Service with wardrobe consultation, wardrobe detox and atelier fittings to ensure the perfect cut for the best designer outfits! In contrast with glam up, the Gozz Kids brand reinterprets classical pieces making them bold and contemporary with an iconic touch of retro chic. The high quality of materials allows the clothes to last for a very long time. Inside the irresistible upscale store invitingly a future collaboration of ‘fun customer shopping experience’ awaits to serve you with every category of children’s clothes – especially for families who love looking beautiful. Keep up with the this seasons trends as a mum to be or with newborn to teens wear to parent collections, find unique pieces such as limited edition one-off handmade dresses, tops, leggings and skirts, arty mix ‘n match ensembles and all gender neutral and eco-friendly prints.

Discover the fashion world’s #1 Parisian edge of her private collection, a stunning display of gravity-defying construction, color-mixing, and proportion play, patchwork and embroidery. The collection is beautiful and as the business model is – she focuses just as strongly to provide designer clothing services for her discerning clientele. The couture themed flagship store is based on a dreamy concept dedicated dressing not only children but also their young & hip Parisian style parents! The next level and beyond: couture collection celebrates individuality, and going out. Her exclusive custom-fitted couture items display a dazzle Cyprus’s haute couture shopping has never seen before. Essential collections to shopping experiences will thrill and browsing has never been so much fun to round up all your fantasies at this talented designers atelier boutique.

Gozz Concept works on a ‘generation to generation’ concept, typically Parisian, where glamorizing clothing influence and collection stretches from newborn to children, parent to grandparent. With collections that brought all of our fantasies to life. Collections come in many themes from party princess ball gowns to tailored jeans, graphic ‘tees and jackets for boys and girls. Part of the collection celebrated understated elegance and high-intensity theatrical drama showing completed designs by top labels and the designer and courtesy of the couturier founder owner Gözde herself. Contact Gozz Concept by calling: +90 542 855 03 00 or by checking out their Facebook and Instagram.


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