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Gloria Jean’s Coffees is an Australian Worldwide specialty coffee company and a trademark synonymously with coffee quality and leading franchise systems, which has opened more than 1,000 coffee houses across the world.

The cafés or “coffee houses” serving and selling a variety of espresso beverages, cold drinks, coffee (blended and whole bean) and specialyties along with pastries and coffee accessories.Gloria Jean´s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s Coffees story began in the USA in 1979 when Gloria Jean and Ed Kvetko opened a gourmet coffee outlet in a small town just north of Chicago.

With appreciation for quality coffee growing, it was not long before Gloria Jean’s Coffees spots began to appear around the United States.

More than 16 years later, Nabi Saleh, an Australian businessman and coffee expert, experienced the brand, while in the USA and with his business partner, Peter Irvine, he brought Gloria Jean’s Coffees across the globe to Australia.

Australia quickly became Gloria Jean’s Coffee’s fastest growing market.

Today Gloria Jean’s Coffees are in many countries around the world and continues to find a place in the hearts of coffee lovers everywhere.

In July 2007, signed Kaner GKS Ltd. a 10-year master franchise agreement with Gloria Jean’s Coffees. The people of north Cyprus can now benefit from the global coffee brand, which currently has five coffee houses on the island.

Kaner was founded in 1942 by brothers Adam and Vedat whose commitment and tradition is still the core of the business which now has expanded beyond the borders of Cyprus.

Kaner-firm has represented many well-known consumer products worldwide, and in the 1970s established a network of stores across the island with Nicosia Mall as the largest on the island. Gloria Jean´s CoffeesGloria Jean´s CoffeesGloria Jean´s Coffees


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