Girne’s “temporary shelter” for dogs

During the last week there have been discussions taking place between Girne Belediyesi and KAR about the Girne temporary shelter for dogs and the dogs care.

Yesterday morning a meeting took place, at the “shelter”, with Margaret Ray and Naile Soyel (Girne Belediyesi). Future meetings and discussions will be ongoing.

KAR are pleased to have been asked for their advise on the existing and forward planning of the temporary shelter and advised the Belediyesi on kennelling, feeding, group dynamics, general shelter and other aspects of the dogs care and well being. KAR have asked the Belediyesi not to collect and house any more dogs there (currently there are 9) until improvements are made to the shelter.

It is hoped that the immense experience that KAR has will be of benefit to the Belediyesi and ultimately the dogs that are/will be under the care of the Belediyesi.

Future improvements and the running of the shelter will be monitored by all of the relevant parties and it is hoped that KAR will continue to be involved in an advisory capacity.

Girne's temporary dog shelter

Girne's temporary dog shelter

Girne's temporary dog shelter

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