Girne is a safe place to eat meat

Girne is a safe place to eat meat. That is the message from Girne Municipality’s Health Department, after their team, with the company of veterinary inspectors performed a series of samples of butcher shops and supermarkets selling meat products in Girne.

The inspections have been carried out regularly, as part of efforts to upgrade food safety standards at various sites. A workplace avoided closure by taking the necessary measures, as directed by the inspectors during inspections, while some others were fined for failing to meet EU standards.

As part of the inspections, officials controlled workplaces in Girne, Karakum, Dogankoy, Karaoglanoglu, Karakam and Bellapais. Mayor sumer Aygin

Naile Soyel, head of the municipality’s inspection team, said: “Every workplace has responsibility for ensuring food safety and public health. But what we try to do is to carry out inspections and to ensure that workstations meet their obligations. At the last control, we focused on workplaces that produces and sells meat and meat products, especially traditional sausage or pastrami, consumed raw by the people here, “said Ms. Soyel.

One place was facing the risk of closure, but it immediately took important steps instructed by us. Some places have been fined for not fulfilled certain criteria; some have been asked to make changes in their equipment.

“We also revisited some sites that we warned earlier to make sure they took into account our requirements. It was a very rewarding inspection, “she said. ”People in Girne area can consume meat products with peace of mind. ”

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