Getting ready for Bayram

The people in Northern Cyprus are so wonderful, they are so spontaneous. Last Sunday I went to Lemar ( the largest grocery shop in Northern Cyprus) and acted as usual, and when I had finished shopping I went to Turkcell, located in the same building, which is one of the telephone companies on the island (the other is called Telsim). I have two phones, one with Turkcell and one with Telsim.

That day, I had lost my code and of course used all three attempts that you get to remember it. Nor had I saved the PIN or PUK code!

There were two people ahead of me in the line so I spent some time looking around me, and my eyes stopped at two girls who did braids in each others hair (in the section where you buy cosmetics). I gave them thumbs up as the braids were so pretty, and then they told me in Turkish that tomorrow (Monday) is a special day called Bayram day, which was the reason for preparing their hair nicely … It is wonderful to see that they spend their working hours getting ready and pretty for a big day coming up (I should add that there were no customer around at this time). But would it had mattered? The customer probably just would have waited a little while..

In Northern Cyprus we have time for each other, we can patiently wait for our turn while talking to everyone. No text messaging in the world can compensate for the natural way to socialize. As I talked with the girls, I almost didn’t realize it was already my turn at the Turkcell-desk. The lady easliy fixed my phone without any charge.

So now I can use bot my phones!

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