Getting Around in Northern Cyprus

Car: Visitors to Northern Cyprus can drive using a valid international driving license or a valid UK driving license for an initial 12 month period. Car rental is relatively cheap and is widely available through tour operators, hotels and car hire companies throughout Northern Cyprus. Visitors are advised to check when booking so both left and right hand drive cars are available for hire. Note that has left-hand traffic, as in the UK, and all rental cars wear distinctive red license plates.

If you arrive at Larnaca Airport in Southern Cyprus, you can rent a car and drive across the border, but you will have to buy extra insurance at the border.

Traffic: Driving is on the left side, and traffic and road signs are international.

Maximum speed is 100 km/h Vehicles imported to North Cyprus must be insured upon arrival. Seatbelts should be worn. The use of alcohol while driving is illegal, as is the use of mobile phones while driving.

Public transport: An inexpensive network of buses and minibuses run between all major cities. There is no formal timetable in operation, but they often come at regular intervals. Additionally, there is a “dolmus service” (shared taxis) operating on the same routes.

Taxi: Taxis are readily available in all cities in Northern Cyprus and the most common is that they have meters, as in most European cities. If you arrive independently to North Cyprus, taxi is the most convenient way to travel into the city, and the most common, to-from airports, fixed taxi rates. Many taxi companies in North Cyprus are taking bookings via the web, so it is convenient to book your trip in advance. During your stay in North Cyprus, you can call a taxi from your hotel or stop along the way. But in the countryside, take a taxi from the taxi rank – most taxis are not metered in these areas, but there are fixed prices for certain places, and make sure to agree on a price before setting off.

For those residing in Northern Cyprus, it is common to have “their own” taxi driver. You find one that you feel comfortable with who you call when you need a taxi. It is also common to have a back-up in case the first choice is busy.