Free Pre-School Music Class

Getting children involved in music at an early age has many benefits. Some of which are to enhance their cognitive, language, physical, creative and social-emotional development.

A love of music and the instinct to dance to it is something that children often bring with them from birth, so to get them involved in a music class will only help to bring out their natural instincts.

This afternoon the Pankyprio Odeon in Nicosia is offering a free class at 4.15pm for children from three to six – years old.

During the class children will have a chance to sing, participate in some music making and experimenting with theatrical drama, get involved in movement activities, learn about improvisation and also get to do some painting and listen to a story or two.

While playing together, your children will become more self-confident while also becoming more sociable.

Free music class for children from 3-6. September 17. Pankyprio Odeon, 14-16 Aitolon Street, Nicosia. 4.15pm-5pm. Free. Tel: +357-99-371870/+357-22-774699.

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