Fourth Cyprus Sup Cup 2017

Fourth Cyprus Sup Cup 2017

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding and local aficionados are about to set out on a journey to Greece. Participants in the fourth Cyprus Sup Cup will compete for a place in the final race in Greece by crossing the unique Isthmus of Corinth. The final will take place on October 22.

There will be four races taking place on our island. Kitemed Kitesurfing/Sup/Windsurfing school will begin the first one at The Spot, Kiti Beach on Sunday in Larnaca. The second will take place on August 5 at Begafico Sailing Club in Protaras. The third race will be on September 24 at Windsurfers on Tour station, Santa Barbara in Limassol. Lastly, the final race will take place where it all started, at The Spot on October 8.

The race calls for all amateurs and professional athletes to take part. There are three categories: men, women and children under 14-years-old. There are no categories based on level of competency, as the race is considered to be an event to celebrate the sport.

There will also be three SUP categories: Category 12.6, which includes all boards smaller than or equal to 12.6 inches, category 14 which includes all boards longer than 12.6 inches, and the Fun category which includes all surf-wave boards equal or smaller than 12 inches irrespective of length and all riders irrespective of gender or age.

In the event where an athlete competes with a board different to the one initially declared, a penalty of ten points will be imposed. If this happens in more than one race, then the athlete will change category and the ten-point penalty will be imposed per race.

The winners of the categories 12.6 and 14 will have the unique opportunity to travel for free with Aegean Airlines and take part in the final race of the Seventh Hellenic SUP CUP 2017, the crossing of Isthmus of Corinth.

The history of SUP goes back thousands of years. Ancient African and South American tribes used the canoe or other boats, standing up or kneeling in order to travel and find food. The contemporary version was born in Polynesia and developed in Hawaii. Today, SUP is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide with many followers and renowned athletes. SUP is also referred to as the social sport, since you can paddleboard in groups while talking and exercising simultaneously.

So, if you’re interested in having a little fun, or want a new experience or are just in it to win it sign up for this water event by filling out an entry form at Or, if you prefer, simply confirm your entry by calling Panayiotis Kounnides on 99-588642.

The participation cost is €60 for all four races and €20 per race.

Fourth Cyprus Sup Cup 2017
Sup race. July 9. The Spot, Kiti Beach, Larnaca. 10am-2pm. €20 per race/€60 for all four races. Tel: +357-99-588642
August 5. Begafico Sailing Club, Protaras
September 24. Windsurfers on Tour, Limassol
October 8. The Spot, Kiti Beach, Larnaca

By Emmelia Georgiou for Cyprus-Mail

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