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Commanding Seafront Location: Get enchanted :

Gathering around the beachfront at The Fly Inn Beach Club: Lapta – North Cyprus,
the first thing you notice about Fly Inn is the warmth of the sun, the breeze coming off the Mediterranean Sea, the splashing of people enjoying the sea. The open air dining ambiance invites indoor and outdoor gatherings around the table with friends or family, and invites everyone to take part in one of the world’s oldest traditions – sharing a meal and the clinking of glasses. It’s fun filled energy reaches all who frequent this seafront venue.

The charm-full beachfront club features Mediterranean style coastal cuisine, island-inspired cocktails. Char-grilled meats artisanal beers and a cheerful atmosphere to ensure all who frequent this cheery joint experience the art of enjoyment.

300 days of all-year-round sunshine and outdoor fun. The venue ensues to provide a wide range of beach club activities and services. Their guest list includes repeat tourists from all over the globe, Island locals and new visitor tourists who have yet to discover their brand of simple philosophy; to experience interactions with people, nature and traditions in an unforgettable way. Building on both loyalty, and title ‘ambassadors of fun’ respectively.

We discover the focus of the man behind the Fly Inn – founder owner Un Bitlis. One can immediately identify a particular style and professional veneer. Nurtured by a passion for authentic hosting and hospitality.
He shares his deep connection, to a full journey set around stunning beach. The air, on land and amidst the sea environment through a concept based on hosting pleasurable experiences connected to nature. Your journey is led by professionals, and guests are encouraged to be more than observers – fully equipped to interact with nature’s finest.

Sea leisure activities, water sports, boat excursions, or on land. Enjoying the beach has never been so much fun. The Grill, designed for social gatherings to tete-a-teté to events as birthday celebrations. You can soak up the beachfront ambiance of ‘people watching’ in nature’s beautiful surroundings. Fly Inn is designed to facilitate unlimited enjoyment amid the sea.

Inspirational and attentive services, include professional cocktail staff on hand to ensure a totally welcoming experience. Island flavoured cocktails prepared just the way you like it – crushed ice brimming with decorative fruit accompanied by the fusion of colourful Cyprus sunset. Or perhaps try a delicious Strawberry Mai Tai or a Kiwi Mojitos for a piece of paradise in a glass. Look out for the best Blue drink in town and affordability with a smile.

The resort’s future signature looks great, as facilitators of events and celebrations, Fly Inn know, for the event to be successful, the guests must be inspired. Social Gatherings are hosted in spaces facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Social gatherings mean we long to be with those we love. Quickly the time goes in great company. Fly Inn adventures, bring together complete event experience: Themed beach events and celebrations, unbelievable grill burgers, opening cocktail occasions, special dance music performances, foam parties and celebrations organised from beginning to end. Discover the planning itinerary with a reputation for great entertaining and warm ambiance.

The Fly Inn loves free flow – they endeavour to create new and entertaining agendas for their guests. They’re cheery-vibe is highly rated and infectious, the coordinators offer seasonal billing bringing talented singers entertainers and music acts for all-year-round enjoyment.

Fly Inn Beach Club facilities:
⁃ Equipped with multiple decks
⁃ Outdoor and indoor dining
⁃ Venue facing beachfront
⁃ Terrace seating,
⁃ seafront loungers, Pergolas
⁃ beachfront lounge seating
⁃ terraced outdoor seating
⁃ bar lounge
⁃ journey wave after wave on nostalgic music, the latest vibe on house and R’n B
⁃ guest DJ performances, special music performers, organisations and events.

The eclectic founder owner, of The Fly Inn beachfront, Un Bitlis has over 25 years of experience in this type of operation.

“There was never a shortage of beachfront bars when wandering through the island. Nevertheless, says Un , “ I always stood apart from the rest of the establishments”. Even way back in his 30s, he declared to have always been known for specialisation in great atmospheric outdoor entertainment and unique party occasion spirit, organisation and culture.

Tasty and simple beach club grill and great cocktails “ I am the quintessential beach club in nearly every beach club visitors’ address book”. Accolades declare his style vibe as “notable amidst notables”. Just ask, declares the quintessential Turkish – man, born to host from as far back as he can remember. “I do the business I love, meeting all types of interesting characters, travellers, holidayers and different demographics – many become close friends – culture within cultures, fascinates me and I continue to evolve and grow to my own brand. I realise great hospitality is the best we can offer North Cyprus, not forgetting my footprint in the sand becoming an islander, I count my blessings. Knowledge and passion which only comes with years of hard work, is ‘community productive’. I live and love people, and my ‘people fusion venue’ is a collaboration of beach club, entertainment, fashionable services, for unforgettable tourists experiences”.

“I have become creator & director of my own destiny. Those things in the end are the reason for life”.

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