Flea market at Chateau Lambousa hotel

Every Saturday between the hours. 09:00 to 13:00 there is a flea market at Chateau Lambousa in Lapta. To get there you takethe main road from Girne to Lapta Hotels Area, the road cuts right through so it can not be missed. You will turn left at the Cabin restaurant sign (only path to the left there), drive approximately 100 meters and turn left again. Drive through the small avenue where you can see where to park and even the hotel itself.
They sell everything you can imagine, from homebaked to used plugs, shoes, clothes, and plants. There are also some sales of new things and self-made work of art. In order to get everything down that is for sale you would need to write a whole book.
To bargain used books is a gold place, there are books for everyone. The majority of the books are in English.
It is also a social meeting point for many; to shop, have coffee and meet people. The market is very well attended and many go far to find bargains and meet up.
Hours are Saturday at. 09:00 to 13:00


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