Five Nights in Cyprus

The first international theatre festival ‘Five Nights in Cyprus’, will be held in Nicosia from the March 27 to March 31.

What: Five Nights in Cyprus
When: Monday, March 27
Where: Russian Cultural Centre, 16 Alassias Street, Nicosia.

The festival, which will include performances by theatre groups from Russia and Cyprus, aims to expand the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture, while also enriching the artistic life of the island.

The grand opening will take place on March 27, which is also World Theatre Day, at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Nicosia.

In addition to the performances the festival will include a variety of activities for professionals and amateurs: a round table discussion, master-classes by famous directors, meetings and an exhibition.

Organised by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, with the support of the Russian Embassy in Cyprus, the festival begins each day at 7pm. Admission to all events is free and the performances will be subtitled in Greek. For more information call +35796302770.

Five Nights Cyprus

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