First quiz of 2016

The first 112 quiz of 2016 takes place at 7:30pm on Monday at Karaoğlanoğlu’s Mountain View Hotel, with quirky questions and bottles of wine for the winning team. Entry costs 5TL per person, plus 15TL for supper. To book, call Brenda on 0533 840 7834.


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Was born and raised in London and first came to North Cyprus as a child where he lived for two and a half years. The Island left a long lasting impression on him, for after travelling the world and experiencing many different cultures and ways of life, Cyprus was always there. Sal, as his friends call him, has always had a passion for Art & Design and studied the subject for over ten years and resulted in him specializing in the design and production of contemporary furniture. He has worked in this field for twenty years now. After not having visited the Island for fifteen years he followed his heart back to North Cyprus, where he’s lived for the last four years. Now Sal works on a creative basis for NC Magazine.