First class care at The Kolan British Hospital

The Kolan Hospital Group was established in 1997 and has nine large hospitals in Turkey.

In December 2012 the group opened a multi purpose 24/7 hospital in Nicosia, North Cyprus. It was established in order to reach the highest level of health service quality within its rooms, polyclinics, surgery rooms and intensive care units that are specifically designed suitable for the needs of all patients and their families. Within the hospital are 26 physicians who are specialist in their respective fields of medicine. The hospital services include Internal medicine, General Surgery, Opthamology, Cardiology, Heart & Vascular Surgery,ENT, Neurology, Brain & Spinal Surgery, Orthopaedic & Trauma Department, Paediatrics, Urology, Dermatology, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Dental surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics and IVF.

Kolan British Hospital north cyprus

The hospital specialises in open heart and coronary bypass surgery together with heart valve replacement. Laparascopic surgery, micro surgery and most other surgeries are performed within three operating rooms.

The Orthopaedic & Trauma team conducts many operations on foreign patients who due to having a long wait for surgeries in their home countries, come to the hospital. This last year has seen an increase in these patients.

Our IVF treatments include egg, sperm and embryo donation, freezing of eggs and blastocyst transfers. A package of treatment can also cover accommodation and flights tailor made to an individual patient. The prices are extremely competative and 1000s of people use  the hospital each year.

The fully equipped bio chemical laboratory uses the latest technology and equipment. The Radiology department has an MRI machine, computerised tomography, ultrasound, X Ray, mammogrphy and a bone density machine.

The dental surgeon has a check-up package and specialises in bleaching, contouring & bonding, full asaethetic crowns & veneers, laminated veneers, bridges and full dentures. Any of the above treatments can be done within 14 days. He can also give a same day ‘smile makeover’!

They have an extensive range of health check up packages for the under 40s, the over 40s, and various cardiology and oncology packages. Many of  the patients who live abroad take advantage of these health checks whilst on holiday in North Cyprus. All reports and results are translated into English and given to patients for their medical professionals back home.

Kolan British Hospital north cyprus

Staff are friendly and supportive and provide a personalised service to all patients throughout their time spent at the hospital, from a consultation visit to a hospital stay. Kolan British Hospital are acutely aware that people are often anxious about their health and treatments particularly when in a foreign country and they understand the importance of a supportive and friendly environment together with clear and concise information about health and treatment.

In the summer of 2014 the Kolan British Medical Centre in Kyrenia, North Cyprus was established as a small clinic and 24 hour general medical practice with two emergency beds. It has its own ambulance, laboratory and X-Ray facilties. Two general practitioners are based there together with a cardiology service. Home visits are available for those patients too ill to attend the clinic. They have a drop-in centre next door to the clinic providing health support and information. All doctors speak excellent English and/or Russian and numerous nurses are multi-lingual.

Kolan British Hospital also has a small medical unit within Ercan Airport, which has a nurse and ambulance on hand to deal with small emergencies and if necessary take a patient speedily to the main hospital, 20 minutes drive away, if further care and medical treatment is needed.

The hospital wishes to serve patients who are seeking high quality medical care at an affordable price. It offers the option for patients to receive this medical care while staying on this beautiful island which can nourish their spirit while having all their health needs taken care of.

Phone: +0392 680 80 80

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