Finally the time has come

Yes! My favorite figs are now so mature that they can be used for cooking. It is the slightly larger and yellow skinned figs that has begun to mature.They are all green from the beginning, but after a while the different varieties begin to emerge. Some are a bit more yellow in color, some are purple-blue in color and small and some are large and purple.

All of them are very good but the yellow is simply the best.
Figs are a very nutritious fruit so now is the time to eat them. I am not a selfish person, I love to share with you my knowledge, so here are some of my favorite recipes for what to do with figs, besides munching them fresh off the tree.

I Should add that I love to have some fresh ginger with the figs because I think it brings out flavour of the fig. I love fresh ginger, but if you don´t, you can just exclude it.

Prickly Liqueur
This liqueur is so good!. When I invite someone, there will always be ahhhh mmm so good” followed by “but what is it?

It is a very simple recipe, easy to remember.

Approximately 20-40 figs depending on size. They must not be too mature, but must have a certain hardness.

40 sugar cubes, I do not use white sugar to anything so I have replaced it with cane sugar (also bitwise).

I made a variation on the original recipe and think it has further elevated the taste. I also put in a hefty tablespoon of honey and a few (3-4) pieces fresh ginger. Not too much because it takes over the flavor.

Put everything in a large glass jar and pour in a bottle of Absolut Vodka. It is also good with the cheap local vodka anytime. Put on a lid so it does not evaporate!

Let stand for 40 days, shake gently every now and then.

Sift everything and pour over the liqueur in a clean bottle. It should mature for 4-6 months in a cool place, decant (pour gently into a clean bottle and make sure the sediment don´t follow ). Serve cold.

Do not throw away leftovers! The figs that you pick up is perfect for ice cream but they are stronger than you think, so do not eat too many. They are filled with pure alcohol and it rises to your head very quickly! The Lees is just cloudy fig juice, which is really tasty, so it’s a shame to throw it away. Put in an ice cube and enjoy!.

Simple right? 40 figs + 40 sugar cubes + 40 days.

Cyprus thai mix
A very simple dish that I often do this time of year because it is quick, nutritious and above all tasty.


Some, not too soft, figs.
Some chillis, or peppers if you do not like strong.
Fresh ginger.
Onions, shredded.
Fresh basil leaves, whole.
Salt + possibly a little pepper. A little soy sauce instead of salt works too.
Pomegranate sour / sweet (see the bottle at all supermarkets). Gations ekşisi sos is the name. Very good to do for salads also.
If you want you can shred in some vegetables, but then it takes a little longer.
Chicken in small pieces (without legs).
Or the favorite Kalamar (calamari cut into rings without batter).

How to do it:
Dice the figs, cut ginger into thin slices or grate with a grater. Shred chilli / peppers and onions.

Pour oil into the pan, I prefer olive oil or virgin coconut oil. If you chose the chicken, start by adding it to the pan, fry a little until it is almost done (only takes a few minutes) and add the rest of the ingredients.

Drizzle pomegranate on it and saute for a few minutes until the figs are completely soft. If you have chosen Kalamar (calamari), add it last. Max 1/2 to 1 minute in the pan. Add up the plate and enjoy. One can have it with a side dish such as rice or fried potatoes.




Fig_fikon_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_liquorFig marmalade / jam

The desired amount of figs, preferably the well matured, easily broken.
Cane sugar and honey (goes well with regular sugar too).
A little grated rind of a lemon.
Small piece of fresh ginger.

How to do it:
Cut the figs into pieces, peel the ginger piece and place in a saucepan. Pour in a little water, about Half tumbler, of course depending on how much you have figs.
Add a large spoonful of honey and lots of sugar. The same approach as with any jam or marmalade; approximately twice as much sugar as fruit.

Let simmer until all the water is gone and it has thickened. Pour into a container and let cool. When it is still hot, it is very good to put on vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

As I said before, everything is seasonally adjusted here, so take the opportunity when the goodies are available.



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