Film about Bruno Gröning at GAU

Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends Cyprus will show three documentary films about Bruno Groening at Girne American University (GAU). The films will be shown on the last Sunday of every month until June next year in the Milennium congress hall on campus.

Bruno Gröning attracted much attention in Germany in the 1950s when he was found to have a special ability to heal people. His healing power includes not only the physical body but also the mental, spiritual and psychological. The films can be seen as a documentary of Bruno’s life and his amazing ability to heal blindness to mental illness, but above all as a part of his teaching. Before each viewing the audience will get an introduction in how to best experience the films. Bruno Groening Circle of Friends wants in this way to show that Bruno’s power lives on for those who allow themselves to be receptive to it.

Jale Karcan is North Cyprus’ representative of BG Circle of Friends and for those interested, she offers healing circle meetings at her home, the last Monday of each month. There is also the opportunity to immerse yourself in Bruno Gröning through books and DVD movies. The circle meetings are in Turkish but the books are available in different languages, amongst others, English.

Jale can be reached at:

Tel: 0533 863 22 85

For more info about Bruno Groening click here

Here are the dates for the film screenings:

December 28th

January 25

February 22

March 29

April 26

May 31

June 28

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