Fellos Wine Bar in Nicosia

Wine bars sprout up in urban areas like mushrooms after a rainy day. While some are just people jumping on the bandwagon, others are bastions of good taste and wine appreciation. Fellos wine bar in Nicosia falls squarely into the latter category.

The people behind Fellos have taken it upon themselves to take the experience of enjoying a good glass of wine to the next level. Besides serving the finest Cyprus has to offer, Fellos wine bar also hosts a wine tasting every Tuesday along with seminars on the subject on the top floor of the bar. Wine experts are there to teach newcomers what constitutes a good wine and what to look for in their wine outings!

Interested in getting to know more about Cypriot wineries? Then Fellos has you covered. The owners schedule regular visits to wineries all over the island.

Fellos boasts a wide selection of local wines, since they are currently cooperating with 15 registered Cypriot wineries.

Even if you are not interested in going that deep into wine tasting, Fellos is still an excellent place for a night out. Situated outside the walled town but still near enough the city centre so you don’t feel that you are that far out, the wine bar sits on Stasandrou street and it’s quiet surroundings make for a superb environment in which to relax. Feel free to accompany your glass of wine with a cheese or deli platter, served with accompanying breadsticks.

Wood is the main decorative material, giving Fellos a warm and cosy atmosphere that goes well with the wine.

So, if you are looking into enhancing your wine tasting experience or looking for a quiet place to chill out, Fellos Wine bar is the place for you!

Address: Stasandrou 19A-B, Nicosia
Contact: +357 96 894696


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