Far away but yet close

flyg_norra_cypern_magasinet_north_cyprusOne thing that worries most people when taking the step to settle in another country is losing contact. You are ready to leave your old life in order to create a new but …..
Children, grandchildren, parents, friends and acquaintances
remain. You do not want to lose touch with the loved ones so you postpone indefinitely. You´re unhappy with life and long for warmth, sunshine and less stress.
We who made the move know it need not be so traumatic. We know that the people that matter in our lives remains. We keep in touch and talk regularly. When the opportunity arises, we get visits or we visit.
It is actually not worse than if you move to the north or south of Sweden. When I was studying in Stockholm, we had not computer with video and audio for calls. I went home to meet everyone. It took about 3-5 hours depending on how I went. Otherwise one had to phone.
To fly here takes between 4-6 hours. Either you fly to the south side and the rest of the way by car or fly to Istanbul and change to the flight here. So no worse than a trip from southern Sweden to somewhere in the middle of Sweden. Going from south to north in Sweden is as far as to travel to mid / southern Italy but will take longer.
Today we have computers with cameras connected and
an Internet subscription. We’re talking computer to computer for free or we have a Skype subscription that allows us to talk to all landlines in Sweden how much we want to. It costs about 120 SEK (£12) for 3 months.
Thus, we can be see each other on the “net” to keep up with our grandchildren’s development and talk as much as we want.
I would argue that we have more contact now with computers than when we were scattered in Sweden. You become more anxious to get in touch.
In addition, there will be a fixed holiday destination and a new tradition to be see each other while enjoying the sun and sea.


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