Fantastic views when travelling from coast to coast over Kantara

As most people know, Cyprus’s north-eastern parts are shaped like a tip that juts out into the sea. Here the country is narrow and is easy to cross from one coast to the other. There are several roads to choose from depending on where you want to go.

We chose to go the small mountain road that goes from Kaplica over the Kantara mountain, and comes out to Bogaz on the east coast. The road takes a little longer to go, but the view is strikingly beautiful and you will be amazed at how high up you actually are.

It’s a special feeling to go up the mountain from the northern coast and suddenly be greeted by the view from the east! At the top of Kantara is a cosy restaurant, where you can stop and taste the local food, and of course there is also the Kantara castle to visit.






The map shows several alternative routes to Bogaz and Bafra.

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