Famous Iranian popstar to perform at Kaya Artemis

Famous Iranian popstar Googoosh, who hit the headlines in 2014 with her hit love song Behesht, is set to perform at Kaya Artemis Resort and Hotel in Bafra next month.

Googosh was at the peak of her career as an international pop music and movie star when Iran’s revolution in 1979 halted her fame. She had performed and collaborated with stars such as Ray Charles, Tina Turner and Sacha Distel but remained in Iran where her popularity was preserved.

She left Iran in 2000 to perform in front of half a million people at world tour concerts at Madison Square Garden, Wembley Arena and venues in Los Angeles, Toronto and Stockholm.

Googoosh will perform in North Cyprus on Thursday, September 7, and reservations may be made by phoning 0533 880 8563 or online at Tickets are priced at $300.

Famous Iranian popstar Kaya Artemis

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