Family Bonet Espinosa travels around Cyprus

New Cyprus Magazine met family Bonet Espinosa on Alagadi Beach, where they have just been looking at the turtles. Sebastian, Sabrina and son Dante, who live in Dubai, are traveling around the whole of Cyprus in a rental car. They began in Larnaca and went along the coast until they eventually ended up back at Larnaca. Besides Larnaca they have been in Limassol and Paphos.

They stayed a few nights in each place. We asked what they like most about North Cyprus so far and both Sebastian and Sabrina says Yesilirmak, a small village on the west coast, was so special.

We stayed at the King Vouni, the only hotel in the village which is located right by the sea and by the beach there is a small port with several restaurants. At night we saw the incredibly clear starry sky. The village is encapsulated in the mountains and there is not much around it so there was very little lights to disturb the view. It was amazing.

– The port of Kyrenia was really nice, but there were more tourists than I thought there would be, says Sebastian who comes from Mallorca and is used to tourists. We read the Lonely Planet quite a lot and there it is written that there is not much to see in Northern Cyprus, which is so far from the truth.

When we say our goodbyes, the family still hasn’t found accommodation for the night, but they use Wi-Fi in local places to search for accommodation.

– It has worked well so far, says Sebastian smiling.


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