Ezic Premier North Cyprus

Last Saturday, we decided have dinner at Ezic Premier restaurant. There were 3 of my Swedish friends and me. They have several restaurants but this is well situated just above the center of Girne. You take the side road (freeway) towards Alsancak / Lapta and take to the left at the first traffic light.
They have an extensive menu with variations to suit all tastes, including a vegetarian menu. There is everything from simple appetizers to full kebabs, pizza, good salads and desserts, but they are best known for their chicken dishes.
We decided on chicken kiev. The chicken was very tasty and juicy, and it was served with fresh salad, rice and french fries. A cold beer for this dish was perfect.
For dessert, two of us ate tiramisu and two deep-fried ice cream. The ice cream was absolutely wonderfully good.ezic_restaurant_norra_cypern_magasinet_
It all ended with cappuccino and cafe latte.
This menu with beverage and dessert went for four people at 170 TL (ca. £50) Total.
Good service with staff who speak both English and Turkish.
They are open from 8:00 to midnight every day and at tel 0533-883 04 44 or 0392 444 88 88 you can book a table, but is usually not necessary because it is a big restaurant.
They also have delivery / home delivery of food orders.




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