Excavations in Akrotiri

Cyprus is a gold mine for archaeologists. The island’s history is rich, and recently the discoveries made in the country have given answers to unresolved issues or new perspectives on history. At the moment they are examining an archaeological site at Dreamers Bay, close to RAF Akrotiri. The walls are made of ceramic and are thought to be the remnants of a 500-meter long building located along the coast, which was probably a warehouse for the port that existed at Dreamers Bay at this time. The epoch of the discovery must be either late Roman time or the early Byzantine period.

The coastal location has caused complications as the water tears the building. The goal is now to investigate and gather as much archaeological finds as possible before everything is torn away. There is a team of six archaeologists from the University of Leicester’s School of Archaeology and Ancient History working on the site. “The excavations have given a clearer picture of the content, nature and disposition of ancient coastal buildings,” says Prof Simon James.


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