A revolutionary sunscreen

EVY lasts three times longer and is six times more efficient than normal sunscreen. Founder Margot Pinto tells us about the secret behind its patented medical formula, which is recommended by dermatologists.

EVY revolutionary sunscreen

Why is the formula patented? 
“Evy is absorbed by the top layer of the skin instead of staying on the surface like most sunscreens do. It forms a protective barrier that enhances the skin’s own fences and maintains its moisture, without leaving any residue or clogging pores; your skin can still breathe.

“Evy acts like an invisible Gore-Tex suit against irritating substances such as chlorine, salt water and the sun. This means it doesn’t rub off in the sea or in the swimming pool, or when sweating or towel drying. It stays where it should for up to six hours.”

What are the benefits of using an EVY mousse rather than a cream?
“The mousse is quickly absorbed into the skin, making it easier to apply enough protection. With creams, people generally don’t use as much as is needed to obtain the SPF stated on the bottle. EVY’s unique formula means you don’t have to use as much, and the aerosol works as a concentrate so you get approximately double the amount per millilitre than you do with a cream. Plus, the aerosol can protects the contents from bacteria, meaning EVY stays fresh until it’s finished, even without added preservatives.”

Who should use EVY sunscreen?
“Everyone! The formula has been developed for those with extremely sensitive skin, so even six-months-old babies can use our products, as well as people who suffer from a sun allergy, eczema or vitiligo. EVY’s range is preservative and fragrance free, and has five-star UVA rating, making it suitable for sensitive skin and for the prevention of premature aging.

“EVY is also a favourite among athletes: it’s the sunscreen of choice for the Volvo Ocean Race teams and is the official sunscreen for the Swedish national golf team, among many others.”


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