Esentepe Fun Run & Ramble North Cyprus

Esentepes Fun Run & Ramble beat last year’s collected amount with a total of 42,528.05 TL, say organizers. The event, held on Sunday, 6/4, organized to collect money to ”Help Those With Cancer Association” (Tulips) was a great success, with more than 450 participants – the highest attendance since George Roper established the event in 2011.

Tulips principal Raziye Kocaismail were present, as well as Mr. Roper’s wife Lesley, and members of his family from Great Britain. Art Watson, chairman of the organizing committee said: “We are still waiting for some sponsorship money to come in and we have another four social events before the end of the month, so we should be able to announce the final total sometime in early May.

He added: “We were delighted to see so many children attend and this year, for the first time, ran Esentepe school with children from the English School of Kyrenia and Girne American University.”

The 2 km race was won by Rueben Park, while Nick Grant was first across the finish line in the 5-mile race. Osman Atakan won the 8km race and the prize for best costume was won by Kade Fletcher, as Spider-Man. A special prize was awarded to his
older brother Kai Fletcher, who has participated in every race this year and finished the 8 km race for the first time.
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