Erson Hoca’s Organic Farm

Erson Hocas organic farm is a place where you can breathe in fresh air from the sea and the mountains. With its stunning scenery, the island’s first and only organic farm. It is the story of a dream that came true.

1996 was 4 hectares of land left to Erson and Nursel couples, from their mother. They have now completed the dream that they first dreamed of 15 years ago. Currently covering the farm 40 acres consisting of rich flora and fauna. There is the western part of northern Cyprus in the district Yesilirmak.

Yesilirmak district has a microclimate that differs from the general climate of northern Cyprus. The district is therefore distinct from other neighborhoods. The suitable climate and water resources in this district allows for the many fruits and vegetables that are grown naturally without difficulty.

All fruit and vegetables are grown organically on the farm. Besides this there is also a restaurant and a boutique hotel with five bedrooms, on the farm. In addition to daily visits, you can also stay over during your visit to the farm. As a guest here you are always very well looked after and the family that runs the farm are absolutely stunning and bursting with joy.

For daily excursions, awaits a unique experience where you can eat on the farm, sharing the natural environment, and spend a day away from stress.

Organic farming: No chemicals are used during production. The intake substances used are consistent with those from production to consumption. All agricultural production processes are controlled and certified. The purpose of organic agriculture is to save the lives of humans and animals, the environment and plants, without polluting the soil and water resources. Ersan Hocas organic farm is the only organic farm on the island.

The farm not only benefits human health and the environment, but it also contributes immensely to the conservation and development of the natural structure of the district. The farm is a model and will inspire other producers who want to start working in this field.

The farm supports strong biological varieties of species and the preservation of the natural habitat. With organic farming, use of energy and natural resources with a sense of awareness and responsibility. Taking into account the local and regional stability, encouraged sources to be used appropriately.

The quality of the soil and water will increase with organic farming which will take place in this district. Health and well-being of the animals reared on the farm will increase and the specific behavioral needs will naturally be met. The animals on the farm are taken care of properly and is nourished by traditional methods.

We really recommend a visit to this beautiful farm. It is absolutely amazing to walk the long grove and pick fruit and vegetables directly from the branches. You can visit the farm during all four seasons of the year. The variety of products varies depending on the season.

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