Ercan Hacimusa

– Nothing is like north Cyprus, says Ercan Hacimusa and smiles.

The sun dazzles us in our eyes when we sit down at the window seats on the local café in Güzelyurt. Ercan order one instant coffee, daily breakfast as he calls it. 46 years old Ercan is born in the capital Nicosia, and it is were he lives today. He also has an apartment in the area of Aphrodite near Güzelyurt. Together with his wife he has a daughter.


– I began to study at university but dropped out after only a year, he says.cipriot man

Instead Ercan took a chance when he was offered to work for the government, something he still does today. When not working, he likes a good work out, Ercan is very in to sports.

– I like basketball and football. Running is also close to my heart. I try to go out for a run every morning, he says. The beach below the Aphrodite where I live is perfect for running.

Previously, Ercan has been living in Istanbul, but he found it difficult to feel at home in the city. North Cyprus is the best place you can stay at, he thinks.

– The lifestyle here is so calm and relaxed. The weather is wonderful, he says.

Ercan sees north Cyprus as the perfect destination for frozen Brits who want to leave the cold to spend their days in the nice and warm weather.

– Cyprus is only four hours away by plane from the UK, yet it is something completely new and exotic, he says.

He also mentions the almost non-existent crime as a reason to move here. Here you can relax and not worry.

– In north Cyprus you are always see the police with a smile on their face, he laughs.

The interview is coming to an end and we ask Ercan to name a few more positive aspects of his homeland.

– I like the mix of cultures that exist here, he says. It is a mixture of many different cultures on the island, mainly Turkish, Greek and English. The cypriots on the south side are our best friends and we travel a lot back and forth across the border.

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