Environment and Recycling Festival in Limassol

Last Saturday an environment and recycling festival was organized in Limassol. The aim was to spread awareness of how important it is to take care of the environment and the benefits that come with it. Various organisations involved in the environment and recycling were there in order to spread knowledge about their work.

In connection with the festival the Environment Commissioner, Ioanna Panayiotou, staged a project to remove used tires in the Xydias area in the Municipality Ypsonas, that have been there for many years without having been cared for. They could damage both the environment and health if they would be incinerated at the place where they lay. “The burning of tires in open places pollute the atmosphere and give off very dangerous fumes. Besides that, the tires are also made of materials that do not break down, which could increase the spread of insects and rodents,” said Panayiotou in a press release. The tires are now taken to Vassilikos Cement Works for combustion.

It wasn’t only serious matters at the environment and recycling festival. Clowns, magicians and fun games were available for the youngsters. Games contributed to learning within the theme of environment and recycling, so even the kids got to take part of the knowledge.


Environment and Recycling Festival in Limassol1

Environment and Recycling Festival in Limassol2

Environment and Recycling Festival in Limassol3

Environment and Recycling Festival in Limassol


Environment and Recycling Festival in Limassol5

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