Electricity in the body

Some substances have the characteristic that if they are subjected to pressure, a voltage is generated that can drive a current, piezoelectricity. Piezo = pressure. This applies to some 20 minerals. What is it used for? The most common use is in lighters. A small spring-loaded hammer hitting a crystal and a spark emerges, strong enough to ignite the gas.
For us it is important to know that if we put pressure on our leg it generates a piezoelectric voltage. This tension is important for the calcium storage in the skeleton. It is important to stress the legs by walking or running. To stand on a vibrating plate is a convenient way to stimulate bone formation. In other words, all of the load of the bone structure generates electricity that is good for our calcium
Professor Nordenström put it like this: The body consists of closed bioelectrical circuits. In these closed loops we can induce current from an external, moving magnetic field. He burned cancer tumors with DC and healed people. He received disqualifications in Sweden but continued his work with great success in China.
I was at a conference in Stockholm, where 15 Chinese people presented his results.
Then there are the negative aspects of electricity. Until now, we basically talked about DC. Thus current flow in one direction all the time, as from a battery. If, for example, pulse the power, it may have other effects.
The next step is alternating current. When power switches direction periodically, frequency. In Europe, we use 50 cycles per second in our network, the U.S. uses 60. The unit is called Hertz, Hz, after a scientist who worked with electricity.
We have until now been talking about electricity and magnetism as if they were completely separate, though we mentioned in the previous section that they are linked.
Electricity always goes through cables of different types. Magnetism propagate through the ether. We can combine electricity and magnetism to what we call the electromagnetic waves. These can reproduce both through electrical wires and through the air. We receive TV signals with a satellite dish. Then we need a cable from the dish to the TV.
There is a great discussion of all these signals that are around us are harmful or not. Manufacturers say they are completely harmless, cf. tobacco manufacturers for a number of years ago. One of the most controversial sources of radiation are the microwave. I Can not help but to bring a clip from Google:
“Consumers are dying today, among other things, because they keep eating food that had been killed in the microwave. They take a perfectly healthy piece of raw food, loaded with vitamins and herbal remedies, since they irradiate it in the microwave and destroy most of its nutrients. man is the only animal on [this] planet who destroy the nutritional value of their food before eating it. All other animals consume food in its natural, unprocessed state, while [we] people actually go pretty far in our way, to make food nutritionally worthless before eating it. No wonder humans are the least healthy mammals on [this] the planet. ”
After many studies had been conducted regarding the use of microwave ovens they were banned in Russia in 1976, because of their negative impact on our health. After the introduction of perestroika [policy] the ban was lifted in the early 90s. Several documents can be found online about this topic.
After the lifting of the ban the post-Soviet countries got all our Western ailments like allergies and more sick leave due to a depressed immune system.
There is much to say about telecom masts standing everywhere and radiating microwaves. Allowable strength in the power output varies from country to country. Sweden allows, for example, 1000 times stronger signal than France.
It is not always a broadcast signal, which is dangerous. There may also be the information that the radio waves are carrying. During the period of mobile phones, small birds have decreased in number, insects as well. Cause and effect; disappearance of the insects disappearing birds. When did you stop and wipe insects of the front window the last time? Maybe 10 years ago, or the year after the 3G came? There is a lot of information on this topic on the web.
In all high-rises there are rebars forming a network. This weakens the magnetic field of the Earth, which in turn means that those who live in high-rises feel worse. Here in Northern Cyprus it is seemingly sparse between the masts and there are not many electrical cables buried in the ground under the houses. Moreover, the electrical system is built by English standard which improves the whole thing.
More about this coming soon …

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