Electricity and magnetism in the body?

Birgitta Norra Cypern Blommor VandringIs there electricity and magnetism in the body? And what do they do? Benefit or harm? We will try to clarify it this spring. Electricity and magnetism are like brother and sister. We can create magnetism with electricity and electricity with magnetism.

The planet has both electric and magnetic fields. To create electricity with magnets, we need movement. Think of the bicycle dynamo. In primeval times, when we were gatherers, we moved in earth’s magnetic field while we gathered food. This movement produced electricity into the body. The cell voltage, the voltage across the cell membrane, built up through our movements in the earth’s magnetic field. And I think I hear a protest now : There are people who are bedridden for years without dying! The answer is that the Earth’s magnetic field is not stationary. It varies enough to keep us alive. The functions will however never reach the top. If we can provide a controlled pulsating magnetic field, it is always of great benefit. It increases the cell voltage and the circulation through the sharing of blood cells which have agglomerated and can not pass through the thinnest blood vessels.

I’m talking about electricity as if everyone knows what it is. For safety’s sake, I shall mention a few concepts: voltage, is measured in volts, V, and is the driving potential difference. 1 V = 1000 mV, millivolts, = 1000 uV, microvolts. Current, electron current, is measured in amperes, A. Can the same be divided in mA and μA.

If we multiply the voltage and current V x A, we get the effect of Watt, W. If we then allow the effect to continue for some time, we get energy. A very common term for energy is kWh kilowatt hours. A 100 watt light bulb burns 1 kWh in 10 hours. Magnetism is as important as electricity and was measured before in Gauss, while in modern times we´ve gone over to Tesla. 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss. The Earth’s magnetic field is 50 μT = 0.5 G. The earth’s magnetic field decreases with time. 500 years ago it was twice as strong as today. Are we the same fate as the dinosaurs?

What is electricity? It is electrons moving. There are endless electrons here on earth. All materials, especially in water, are electrons. You have to persuade them to serve us. The electrons are of great help to us, but they can also cause damage.

This is a vast subject. Therefore, I will divide it into multiple posts. The electron is the smallest particle that exists. We’re not even sure if it is a particle. Some scientists say that on even days it is a particle, and on odd days it´s vibrant energy. No one has ever seen an electron. All we have seen are the traces of electrons (Wilson´s chamber). However, we assume that there are electrons. To set them into motion so that they can perform their work requires either a magnetic field or a voltage potential difference. It requires almost no potential difference to put electrons in motion, but the work done depends on both the voltage and the leader’s execution. Cf. water, thinner tubing, less water. Higher vertical, more water.

We have all heard about free radicals, or oxidants. These are molecules that have lost an electron. It´s put in imbalance, becomes aggressive and goes in search of a molecule where it can steal an electron. This is combated with antioxidants. If we have enough antioxidants, the free radical gets the electrons. There are a lot of pages online about grounding. The easiest way is to walk barefoot in damp grass, or on a wet sandy beach half an hour morning and evening. Then countless electrons enter the body through the feet. If you are in water, the electrons enters everywhere. They fill up the free radicals electron deficiency just like the free radicals. (To be grounded, Oshman-earthing.). In Cyprus, this is easy, but in the Nordic countries it can be difficult.

Our maker intended us to go barefoot while we gathered food. We then got both motion in the magnetic field and contact with soil. Today, we isolate ourselves in the shoes of rubber or plastic. We go indoors on floors of wood or stone. Often with plastic mats on top. Thus no free electrons enters the body. Do we eat enough antioxidants? Hardly. There are electromagnetic mats that sets the electrons in the body in motion. A noted scientist said that the body consists of closed circuits. If there are too many free radicals, everything becomes worse.


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