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Get a second chance, a second life whilst discovering the beauty of North Cyprus.

About Dr. Varol Esatoglu known as Dr. ‘V’ of Cyprus’ is a top minimally invasive surgeons specialized in Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery. Dr Varol offers significant surgical expertise and advanced laparoscopic procedures in Cyprus. He has performed bariatric surgeries on a large number of  patients during his 10 years and has practiced regularly in Cyprus.

Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon

All Points to Obesity: What is Obesity and Overweight?
Overweight and obesity and defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. Body mass index [BMI] is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify overweight and obesity for adults and kids. it is defined as a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters. [kg/m2].

Doctor Vural has more than 10 years of experience, over 800+ obesity surgery experience and with a 99% customer satisfaction.

Obesity Treatment Abroad
Cyprus Obesity Center are Obesity Care Providers for North Cyprus specializing in medical holidays combined with Obesity treatment abroad. Medical tourism has become a popular practice for the medical tourist. Kamiloglu provides helpful information about traveling to north Cyprus for treatment including detailed costs and quotes and has a 24/7 available qualified team.

Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon

Why Choose Dr. Voral Esatoğlu
We are in the realization that you have a choice when selecting your North Cyprus Obesity Center. Each patient is unique to medical attention and care. We adopt the newest procedures and benefits of laparoscopic surgery for our patients.

* Specialized in Laparoscopic & Bariatric surgery for Cyprus.
* Fluent English speaking
* Facilitates advance dynamics with up-to-speed Clinic in north Cyprus.
* State-of-the-Art, latest Techniques and Treatments.
* Weight loss with dedication to personalized care and services.
* A major obesity surgical clinic center in North Cyprus.
* State of the facility.
* Affordable Prices.
* [ATC] Round-the-clock medical and personal assistance.
* Ethics and responsibility.
* Multi Lingual speaking.
* Dr Varol is one of Cyprus minimally invasive surgeons.
* Five year follow-ups with a surgeon’s advice for 5 years after the surgery.
* You are given a booklet with all the necessary information concerning your new diet and tips for motivation to keep you concentrated on your goal.

Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon

Dr Varol chooses to admit their patients to Kamiloglu Clinic. For the added convenience and high degree of confidence in patient care and special collaboration of teamwork with qualified professional nursing staff.
Dr. Varol Estaoğlu has specialized in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery for over 10 years in North Cyprus.

Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon

Dr. Varol offers significant surgical expertise and advanced laparoscopic procedures in Cyprus. Practices all types of Gastric Surgeries for reduction surgical candidates and surgical procedures programmed for medical care.
< Sleeve Gastrectomy > Gastric Bypass > Mini-Gastric Bypass > Gastric Balloon >

Dr Varol Esatoglu has performed high risk surgeries on a number of high risk bariatric patients. He practices Surgery Speciality Clinic at surgery speciality clinic Kamiloglu Clinic & Obesity Centre in Kyrenia city centre.

He routinely accepts challenging referrals he conducts people with obesity surgeries, regularly even the most challenging weight reduction candidates these surgeries on people with obesity surgeon.

Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon

Many clients choose to travel alone, but if you want to bring an accompanying person it is all right to do so. Dr Varol recommends his patients to spend around five more days in Cyprus after surgery. There is no need to bring anything with you from your home country expect any medication that you regularly take. While being at the clinic it will feel like a hotel. The clinic rooms are modern, large and of high standards. Of course, bringing things to do during your recovery can always be good. Like books, magazines or a computer. After the surgery there is no need to come back to Cyprus unless you want a personal follow-up consultation with the specialists.

Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon

Medical Tourism Abroad: Why Kyrenia and North Cyprus?
It’s of no surprise that those travelers who’ve discovered the Northern side of this idyllic island Cyprus, with It’s laid back lifestyle and friendly people, are ready to begin exploring the options of North Cyprus Medical Tourism. One of the fastest growing markets in Europe.

* Healthy sun-drenched climate, some 300 days of sunshine
* lapped by the Mediterranean crystal clear seashores
* Beaches surround the island
* Great value property – high standard lifestyle opportunities
* Rich culture and history, sightseeing opportunities
* One of the safest countries in the world – low crime rates
* Friendly and welcoming Mediterranean community

Many medical tourist patients decide to combine the benefits of medical consultancy visits with a dose of sun-sea-sand holiday. Once the patient has made the decision to visit north Cyprus the process is much faster than usual in Europe. The clinic will immediately confirm and book a date and time for a consultation assessment suitable to the patient. If the patient is already in north Cyprus the process is immediate, and can organize a visit in the same week that the patient calls or makes a booking. This enables the patient to begin treatment before the vacation ends.

Dr Varol and his team also offers advanced surgical procedures like colon, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and breast cancer surgery. Using the lastest laser techniques, they are able to cure anal issues as haemmorrhoids in just a day!

Get In Touch
If your thinking of Obesity Surgeon Treatment Abroad, please do not hesitate to make contact for a confidential chat. The team is available for calls on Skype/Viber/What’s App.

+90 533 860 2351


Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon
Dr Varol Obesity Surgeon

Dr Varol Obesity SurgeonObesity Surgeon Treatment Relaxing Room

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