Donations for Syrians ready to go

Over 300 bags and boxes of clothing and bedding items have been packed and are ready to be sent to Syrian refugees in Turkey, the Cyprus Supports Syrian Refugees Campaign said this week.

A group of volunteers joined campaign coordinators Claire Morley and Angela Gökaşan to help with the sorting of clothing for adults, children and babies and bedding items which have been collected over several weeks.

Sanitary items from Girne branches of Lemar supermarket and Çatalköy’s Supreme supermarket have also been collected.

The campaign organisers are now in discussion with airlines to arrange transportation by December 15, in time for the onset of winter.

“We have received such great help by supporters as we’ve collected more than we had expected,” Mrs Gökaşan said.

“We are currently dealing with the sorting of hundreds of boxes which need to be ready for shipping very soon. Hopefully we will also be able to visit the camp in Izmir and help with distributing the items.”

Check out their Facebook page for more information by clicking here. 


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