Documentary on film shot in Karaman to be screened

A documentary based on a Racquel Welch film shot in the village of Karaman 45 years ago is to be screened in Cyprus.

Beloved Days, by Greek Cypriot director Constantinos Patsalides, uses the film to introduce the island’s “promising future as a filming destination”, which, in the words of Mr Patsalides, “was terminated abruptly by the Turkish invasion [sic] of 1974”.

Mr Patsalides said the documentary functions as a “kaleidoscope, transmitting images of that magical time and of the traumatic changes” that followed.

The original 1970 film The Beloved starred international sex symbol Welch, aged 30 at the time, playing the part of Elena, a married woman who gets involved in an affair with her
former teenage lover.

The screening of the documentary will take place at 9pm on November 13, 14 and 15 at the Pantheon Theatre in 29 Diagoras Street, 1097, South Nicosia. Tickets cost five euros.




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