Details make the difference at Etova kebab restaurant

When Irfan Dogangunes’ Etova Restaurant opened in 2014 it was with the vision to create a restaurant with high quality food and service. But with a background as a hotel manager at several well-known hotels in Istanbul, he is well aware of the importance of surrounding himself with a good team to ensure that customers get the very best experience from their restaurant visits.

 Staff of Etova kebab restaurant

Etova is a restaurant with focus on kebabs and the menu consists of simple to advanced kebab dishes of all kinds, but also summery salads and traditional Turkish delicacies like the thin pizza lahmacun and various chicken dishes. Irfan recommends customers to try the Turkish style Iskender kebab or the popular Etova köfte. The meat quality is important and the restaurant always uses local fresh meat into their dishes. Unlike other places the chefs at Etova grill the meat over the fire from the wood, not gas, giving the kebabs the right taste. It’s the details that make the difference.

Meat at Etova kebab restaurant

To Etova people can come for lunch or dinner and the customers are a mix of students, local Cypriots and tourists who want to taste food typical of the country. The restaurant is situated on Kyrenia’s main shopping street so many passers by tend to stop here. In summer you can sit under umbrellas on the pleasant outdoor terrace.

Etova offers takeaway and delivery in Kyrenia.

Opening hours:
11:00 to 00:00 (in summer it is open longer at night).

Phone: 0548 858 75 56 // 0392 444 49 00 // 0533 858 75 56

Dinner guests at Etova kebab restaurant

Chef at Etova kebab restaurant

Lady at Etova kebab restaurant

Venue of Etova kebab restaurant

Kebab meat at Etova kebab restaurant

Meze at Etova kebab restaurant

Skewers at Etova kebab restaurant

Meat dish at Etova kebab restaurant

Pita at Etova kebab restaurant

Food at Etova kebab restaurant

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