Dance workshop in Nicosia

Dancehouse Lefkosia invites everyone to take part in a Biodanza open class tomorrow, which will help to get rid of some of that stress we all carry around and find peace with our circumstances on a variety of levels.

The class, which is free and open to anyone who likes music and movement, will introduce Biodanza, a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness.

Biodanza comes from the Greek word bio (life) and the Spanish word danza (dance). It has a scientific basis and is based in the biological sciences, and anthropological studies and will give participants the chance to make a holistic link with their emotions and express them via a series of exercises.

So get ready to feel the harmony of music, which will lead you into a deep sense of joy and boost your confidence. You will feel more positively about yourself and the things you go through and, therefore, this optimistic view will be transferred to your everyday life.

But it is not all about the way we feel emotionally, Biodanza also helps us balance our nervous system and have a better functioning circulation and defence systems.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes in order to enjoy the experience, that will make you feel more relaxed than ever, to its fullest.

Dance Workshop, April 8. Dancehouse Lefkosia, 25 Parthenonas Street, Ayios Andreas, south Nicosia. 11.30am-1.30pm. Free. Tel: +357-22-780960

Dance workshop Nicosia

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