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The Reputable Fertility Clinic of Cyprus, established since 2006, Cyprus IVF Clinic & Women’s Health Center is the top fertility clinic based in Cyprus, pioneering the way ahead for North Cyprus IVF. This donor egg clinic carries a high reproduction success rate set in a laboratory environment, to have a baby.

Cyprus IVF Clinic

Exciting: Tackling the challenges facing couples with aspirations and hope.

Reliable methods and treatments stage by stage within articulate laboratory surroundings purpose built on a first class reputation within a meticulous medical platform is challenging the medical field and growing rapidly. A composed and experienced team lay claim to a proven success rate, providing the complete spectrum of services and care, extends to both pre and post services, because when it come’s to women’s health matters, nothing matters more.

Cyprus IVF Clinic
Dr. Mürüde Çakartaş Dagdelen and Dr. Serkan Dagdelen

New Cyprus Magazine got to have a few words with the fertility specialist Gyn. Surg. Dr. Mürüde Çakartaş Dagdelen.

“I wish to welcome you to Cyprus IVF and Team Aphrodite. We share our home and name with the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, the qualities we hold dear and strive hard to achieve. We hold a worldwide client base. Our dedicated and highly qualified team attend to your chosen treatment plan with articulate commitment. Our determined success depends on your dreams coming true”.

Cyprus IVF Clinic

Exhilarating: Together we analyze, plan and prepare what is coming next.

Fertility Specialist Gyn. Op. Dr. Mürüde Çakartaş Dagdelen, continues.
“At Cyprus In-Vitro Fertilization Center we are very proud of our high success rate especially when it comes to the fields of in-vitro fertilization, egg donations, sperm donation, embryo donation, and gender selection treatments. Each and every year our qualified team aids and assists hundreds of patients from Turkey, England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Scandinavia, Middle East and as far as Far Eastern countries to help achieve their dreams. Now it’s your turn”.

Endearing: Life Changing Impact
“A couple of new, very exciting technologies we have involved the assessment of Embryos. Embryo-scope is very exciting to us”.

As a recognized IVF specialist, Gyn. Surg. Op. Dr. Mürüde Çakartaş Dagdelen and her team conduct their infertility treatment methods at Cyprus In-Vitro Fertilization Center Nicosia, North Cyprus. And are steering the way ahead with advanced technology, expertise and care.

Cyprus IVF Clinic

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Cyprus IVF Clinic

A key reason for choosing Cyprus In-Vitro Fertilization Center is their excellent success rates for your treatment abroad. The success rates for 2016 for our donor egg patients show an impressive HCG pregnancy rate of 73%. The clinic carries out over 1,000 cycles each year. It’s success rate thrives on a more reliable prediction of success than many other fertility clinics in northern Cyprus.

Since the clinic was established in 2006, it has continuously adopted itself utilizing all developments and technologies worldwide in the in-vitro fertilization field and provides a special brandization of services for it’s discerning patients.

Egg Donation Success Rates 85%
IVF Success Rates 85%
Sperm Donation Success Rates 90%
Gender Selection Success Rates 99%

In 2016, figures for IVF/ICSI cycles are also excellent hitting a superb 55% – HCG pregnancy rate for our ‘In-Vitro Fertilization’ patients. Additionally for FET cycles, positive pregnancy tests account for 65% of cycles coordinated.

Your Schedule: Planning your IVF treatment at Cyprus In-Vitro Fertilization Clinic is much easier than you think, we make taking your first step is much easy. We’ll simply talk you through your IVF options and we take it from there. Depending in your chosen treatment: IVF with your own eggs  – IVF with donor eggs – donor embryo IVF, with our help and support we will support you step by step. Read ‘Visiting NC’ where you’ll be able to book information about where you’ll be able to book flights and accommodation well in advance.

Patients Timescale:  Approximation for planning a visit, expectancy time away from home is around 10 days. For those of donor-egg IVF patients should plan for a seven day trip. If your having IVF with frozen donated embryos, or using your own frozen embryos from a previous cycle, a two day break is the norm. The popular option being flying out Friday returning Sunday.

Best IVF Team
The staff and team regularly undergo Continuing Professional Development [CPD].

Our Team:
Gyn. Op. Dr. Mürüde Çakartaş Dagdelen – Fertility/IVF Specialist
Jane Matter – English Speaking Patient Coordinator
Hatice Şeker – Turkish Patient Coordinator
Dr. Serkan Dagdelen – Director

Cyprus IVF Clinic

IVF Specialist Gyn. Surg. Op. Dr. Mürüde Çakartaş Dagdelen, and her team conduct their unique fertility treatment protocol and methods in Cyprus supporting patients at every stage of the IVF process.

Get in Touch
If your thinking of having IVF abroad please do not hesitate to make contact for a confidential chat. They are on call for Skype/Viber, so your able to have a video chat too, if you would you wish to.

Please visit the websites or call on the telephone numbers below. Alternatively email via our contact form for more information and the competitive rates. They look forward hearing from you.
Telephone 1: +90 533 823 44 94
Telephone 2: +90 392 227 21 00
Facebook Page

The Clinic Address: Mehmet Akif Caddesi, No:144, Daire 1, Nicosia/Lefkoşa – North Cyprus
(The building adjacent to The Golden Tulip Hotel)

Accreditation and protection
Rest assured, your safety, security and rights are fully protected – as are those of the donors who contribute to your treatment. Your in sage hands we’re here to help and support you through your IVF journey.

The care you receive from The Cyprus In-Vitro Fertilization center follows stringent rules standards and guidelines set out in North Cyprus Legislation and supported by the Ethical Code of Northern Republic of Northern Cyprus a medical Chamber, the European Convention of Human Rights.

NCM Disclaimer: The information in this article is not medical advice. You should not rely on it as a substitute for medical from your doctor or healthcare practitioner.


Cyprus IVF Clinic

Cyprus IVF Clinic

Cyprus IVF Clinic

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