Cyprus gets hot and humid

Cyprus gets hot and humid

High temperatures are being experienced all over the island with temperatures expected to hover between 39 and 40 degrees Celsius over the next few days according to the meteorological department. Although coastal temperatures will be slightly cooler, high humidity levels will make things all the more uncomfortable.

The medical services on Monday warned the public to take the necessary measures to protect themselves from the prevailing conditions and should:

  • Stay in cooler and shaded areas, and to avoid crowded areas.
  • Wear light, loose clothing, a hat, and sunglasses.
  • Abstain from alcohol, caffeine fried foods, spices, and chocolate
  • Eat light meals of vegetables, fruit and fruit juices and copious amounts of water
  • Use air conditioners  or fans
  • Take regular lukewarm showers throughout the day
  • Keep windows open in the evening to ensure a breeze
  • Give particular care to high-risk groups such as the elderly, young children and pregnant women, people with obesity, cardiac, kidney, diabetes and other problems, people on medication such as diuretics and people not used to working in high temperatures and humidity.
  • People suffering from chronic diseases should consult their doctors for any necessary measure that they should take

Employers should also take the necessary steps to prevent their employees from being exposed to the sun and extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time, and should try arranging their work schedule in such a way that employees are sufficiently protected from the sun, or if necessary to suspend any work that will leave employees exposed.

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