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Cyprus Dental is since the opening in 2007 one of the most visited dental clinics in North Cyprus. Here, patients are well taken care of in modern facilities equipped with the latest technology in dental and oral care.

The clinic aims to cover a wide range of dental treatments. The clinic puts a strong focus and specialised in implants, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers, dental crowns (zirconium,  porcelain, empress…), teeth whitening, root canals, laser treatments and removal of wisdom teeth. Cyprus Dental also do regular dental examinations, repairs, fillings, tooth extraction and fitting of dentures, orthodontics and much more. The clinic ensures high-end quality work to prevent any kind of gum disease, periodontal disease and caries for any treatment. Go to Cyprus Dental’s website for a complete list of treatments on offer.

“We at Cyprus Dental offer all the treatments that are clinically necessary to protect and maintain good oral health,” says dentist and owner of the clinic, Rasime Basat Keleş. It is important that adults and children regularly go to the dentist to detect any problems well in advanse before you start getting pains.

Cyprus Dental Clinic is located in Zeytinlik in Kyrenia. It also has a modern apartment accommodation in the town centre for patients who have travelled long distances for treatment that extends over several days. Dental Tourism from Europe is increasing steadily and many see North Cyprus as an attractive destination as the treatments are of high quality, waiting times are short and prices are low compared to those in their home countries. And when you can also combine treatments with sun, swimming and golf, well then the choice is not so difficult!

Cyprus Dental wishes its patients a warm welcome.

For questions and bookings, please contact Cyprus Dental on email or telephone number below:
Telephone: +90 392 815 62 72 // +90 533 866 44 66
Cyprus Dental Facebook in English or in Turkish.

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