Cypriot tourism ‘made history’ in July

Tourism operators in Cyprus were patting themselves on the back on Monday after figures showed that Cyprus had a highest ever number of visitors for the month of July.

Speaking to state radio, Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) chief Angelos Loizou confirmed that the month of July that just passed was “a historical month” in terms of tourism due to the fact that over 400,000 holidaymakers visited the island.

“That month was hugely significant and showed what a good year we are having in terms of arrivals,” said Loizou. “It was a historical month and was also part of the best six-month period we have had in the last 13 years.”

Speaking about future arrivals, he added: “We are doing well and we remain hopeful that 2016 could be even better. We are now focusing on winter tourism because we are predicting a rise in the number of visitors there too. But these new figures from the summer have taken our tourism sector to a new level and we must capitalise on these gains.”



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