Crossing borders

To cross the border from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus and vice versa is very easy because of the opening of the many border crossings during 2003. People from both sides walk and drive across the border every day for shopping, sightseeing and business etc.

One of the main border crossings for vehicles and pedestrians is named Metehan located in Nicosia. At the border you show your passport and fill in a visa white note with your name, passport number and nationality and you will then be allowed to pass. Your passport will not be stamped only the visa form. When you reach the Greek Cypriot side of the border, you must present your passport again and if you drive, you have to buy insurance that can be purchased per month (around 30 euro’s) or for a full year.

If it is the first time you cross the border with your car you’ll also need to get car tax, which is issued free of charge. Just ask at the insurance office at the border crossing and they will direct you to the correct office. You will then receive your tax, insurance and license controlled by Greek Cypriot authorities, and you can then go on to the south.


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