Continued: Our olive tree

I, Carina Haganius, and my husband Per recently bought a semi-detached house at Sunset Hills. These are some notes from our third trip to Cyprus.

Last time we visited our house at Sunset Hills, Per and I were so happy to discover an olive tree in our garden. We debated whether or not one can eat olives directly from the tree. Neither of us could recall that we had seen fresh olives. By chance I met a Turkish olive grower, from the mainland, who told me what to do with the olives. It takes a lot of preparation before you can eat an olive and it is certainly not nice to eat one straight from the tree. Now we hope for some kind of harvest so we can try our newfound knowledge of olive growing.

Carina and Per

Helena, a colleague of mine, has been here for a few days, along with her husband, mother and two children. They liked Cyprus and it feels good because we are planning to start a business here.

I visited a newly opened furniture store with cool furniture, that Sal showed me. Oh what wonderful wooden tables they had. They were certainly too big for our apartment, but at some point I might live in another house, and then I’ll buy one of those tables. There were also lots of other cool, beautiful furniture. Furniture that makes you enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship and imagination behind it.

Regarding wooden tables, I found this one at Kyrenia Palace. Beautiful shapes, natural materials. Beautiful and different.

Wooden table

One of the days we took our boat out, or the one that we own a small piece of. It was a lovely trip with good food and good company.

On the way home, it was a bit windy and the sea was choppy. Per and I wrapped ourselves in blankets as we laid on the deck. Watching the mast of the boat and the sky, feeling Per’s body and the heat from it, the rocking, hearing the waves and the murmur of friends talking in the background. To that, I fell asleep.

Boat mast

Sincerely, Carina.

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