Colourful surroundings spread joy

In Mexico, the government decided to brighten up the lives of its citizens by simply allowing a group of artists to paint on the walls of houses in the village of Palmitas. The way it was done has brightened up the entire village. Scores of houses in Palmitas are now covered with colourful art. The goal was to improve on Mexico’s culture and reputation as a modern country. The unexpected result of the venture is that the residents of the painted houses now feel happier and more confident in their surroundings and even crime has fallen in the village.

A similar scenario took place not far from Cyprus, in Turkey. In Istanbul a man decided to paint the stairway near his house in rainbow colours, to cheer people up. When the municipality painted the stairs back to grey it started a protest and resulted in many staircases around Turkey to be suddenly painted in colourful shades.


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Malin has previously worked in hotels, studied languages in France and studied history. One of her main interests is traveling, and now she spends much time in North Cyprus which she loves. It has great weather and nice people - and lot of interesting history!