Collaborative living, learning and creating programme kicks off with ‘Green Line’ workshops

Residencies in Cyprus, Berlin and Athens are up for grabs for Cypriot, Greek, Turkish and European artists under the age of 35.

An ”Open Call” is due to be announced via the website which offers a programme of ”10-day collaborative living, learning and creating guided by an international curator”.

Art activities are also on offer for children in four rural areas which have yet to be chosen.

The five-stage programme begins with day-long workshops for children in two villages on either side of the ”Green Line” and art, theatre and animation workshops with Cypriot artists, followed by visits to the capital’s museums.

Children and parents will then get the chance to meet each other at the buffer zone Home for Co-operation before visiting each others villages. While children create their art, parents and local people will guide their visitors around the village.

The programme ends with a bicommunal workshop and exhibition in the capital.

More information may be obtained from the project website above or by e-mailing Project Co-ordinator Ozgul Ezgin at

By Anne Canalp for Cyprus Today


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