Climate-smart accommodation during your trip

The climate conference in Paris covers many front pages this week. Pictures and diagrams on the alarming scenarios bombard us and do not have time to leave the retina before the gaze stops on the next front cover. It is the politicians who must agree, but more and more individuals begin to consider how they can contribute to a better planet.

If you are longing for the sun and are planning a trip to Cyprus, there are ways to make the journey more climate friendly. One of them is to replace a regular hotel room with accommodation through Airbnb. It has been shown that guests use 63% less energy and 32% less waste during the holidays through Airbnb than those staying in hotels. So how does Airbnb work?

It is private individuals who rent out their homes or a room in their home for travellers. It can be anything from a small studio to a castle, and prices vary naturally by the size and location, but usually Airbnb is a great way to save money for travellers. In some cases it is also a great way to experience the culture, as you live in a normal home and get to spend time with the family if you wish. On the website you can search on your preferred destination: For example, Kyrenia and Nicosia and you will get a list of options in the area.

Mind Body Green writes about the exciting types of homes you can experience during your holiday if you book accommodation through Airbnb. It is not just the environment that takes advantage of Airbnb, you can also get an unique experience. Here you can see various accommodations that Mind Body Green lists as some of the coolest Airbnb homes in the world.


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