Cimser Synthetic Grass

The old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” certainly couldn’t be more wrong in this case as the grass doesn’t get greener than at Cimser Ltd.

All grass lovers living in Cyprus – here’s the latest news: Cimser Ticaret Ltd. has arrived with a whole team offering professional services to ensure you can cover any surface decoratively with the latest high quality synthetic grass – ensuring a healthy eco-friendly living option indoors or outdoors.

Why use synthetic grass ?

# Environmental friendliness
Synthetic grass is environmentally friendly, as it does not require the use of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers. It doesn’t require watering hence copious amounts of water are saved.

# High efficiency
Synthetic grass is ready for use 24/7. Requires no intermittency in use. Water is drained totally after rain.

#  Low maintenance cost
Synthetic grass requires no cutting, irrigation, fertigation and re-seeding.

# Low risk of injuries
The risk for injuries for areas covered by synthetic grass is surprisingly lower than that for natural grass.

Synthetic Grass Applications
Cimser Ticaret Ltd. not only sells the best synthetic grass, but also provides the best application at the lowest price.
Synthetic grass is produced in various guises and forms, such as rolls, panels, etc.

This ingenious company is a supplier of alternative forms of flooring for private and commercial application such as:
Rubber Flooring Parquet Applications
> In gardens and parks, at the children’s play areas, walking paths, and runways, flooring and wall coverings of animal shelters and poolsides.
> long lasting
> sound and heat isolating
> recyclable
>non slippery
> ease of maintenance

Why Choose Acrylic Flooring:
> shock absorbing
Specially recommended for swimming pool areas, sports flooring and garages.

The Director and Architect Goral Sonmezler is pleased to provide you with all the information you need to help ensure your choice of floor installation will look great and perform well for years to come.

Tel: + 90 533 860 12 13.     + 90 542 881 02 73
+ 90 392 229 11 41.      + 90 392 227 77 48

Cimser Ticaret Ltd
Sht. Ecvet Yusuf Caddesi (Deniz Plaza Yolu), No: 20
Askonak 2 Apt. Dukkan C, Yenisehir, Lefkosa, North Cyprus
Facebook: Cimser Ticaret Ltd.

Cimser Ticaret Ltd.

Cimser Ticaret Ltd.

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