Chocolate Toothpaste

In the best news chocolate lovers could have ever imagined, researchers at Tulane University have discovered that cocoa powder contains a powerful extract that may be more effective for fighting cavities than fluoride. Actually this is good news for everyone, considering the emerging health risks about fluoride that have become apparent in the last few years.

The researchers did a side-by-side comparison and found that when people applied cocoa powder to the enamel surface of their teeth they had “100 % dental occlusion”, with their teeth becoming re-mineralised and repaired. A press release from the researchers explained: “The comparison to toothpastes containing fluoride – one as much as 5,000 ppm (parts per million) – validates what our research has shown all along: that Rennou (the cocoa extract) is more effective and safer than fluoride, which can be toxic if ingested.”

Chocolate Toothpaste is better for your teeth than fluoride. Here is how to make it.


-2 tablespoons baking soda

-4 tablespoons coconut oil

-6 drops clove essential oil

-2 teaspoons organic cocoa powder


Combine all ingredients and mix until you have the consistency you want. Scoop the paste onto the tooth brush and brush your teeth like normal. Store the paste in a container with a lid as baking soda can absorb smells. You can also make it squeezable by putting it into an empty toothpaste tube.


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