Chateau Lambousa – The Kingdom of Hospitality

Chateau Lambousa stands out among the other hotels in North Cyprus. The hotel is designed as a medieval knight’s castle with an atmosphere that takes their guests back in the past. We drive into the hotel’s driveway, under an arched stone entrance that welcomes guests to the “Kingdom of Hospitality”

Chateau Lambousa is located west of Kyrenia in the Lapta area. The hotel was built in 1990, but reopened their castle gates again this summer after having undergone a 17 month extensive refurbishment.

Everything from the decor to the staff is new at Chateau Lambousa. The polished marble floors reflect the directional lights that lead us to the front desk and then to the elevator that will take us to our room. Standard rooms are spacious with a balcony overlooking the large courtyard. Here we sit comfortably reclined while the sun slowly disappears behind the swaying palm leaves. The rooms are like the rest of the hotel which draws inspiration from the proud middle Ages.

The Chateau Lambousa’s interior, combine’s modern facilities in an antique inspired style which is fresh and welcoming. At first the interior may take a bit of getting used to, but after a few tours through the hotel you get used to it. It is not every day that you come across suits of armour in every corner. If you walk through the entrance and reception area, you end up at the pool area, which as well as the large pool has its own bar. In the garden there is comfortable furniture with couches and fluffy pillows. Here you can enjoy a nice dinner. There is also a buffet restaurant serving Turkish and international cuisine every evening.

If you want to grab a beer or any other drink the hotel has its very own English pub North Shield which has an authentic English pub feel.

Chateau Lambousa north cyprus

The hotel also has a conference room that accommodates up to 600 people. The conference room is located in the basement but it doesn’t mean that it’s dark there; it has its very own clear blue sky. See the pictures below and you will understand what we mean. The Ambassador Restaurant is located next door to the conference room, ideal to accommodate larger parties.

If you want to visit the beach the hotel organizes daily bus rides to Camelot Beach Club.

Chateau Lambousa is important in more than one sense for North Cyprus’s tourism industry. The hotel forms an integral part of a collaboration with the Girne American University (GAU), where students studying at GAU Tourism and Accommodation Faculty have the opportunity to do their internship in a proper hotel and thus faster to get into employment.

Dr Ismet Esenyel is the coordinator for the university’s tourism and health complexes and is in charge of the hotel and its staff. He has been involved throughout the renovation and reopening of the hotel and is very pleased with the unexpectedly strong interest there has been for the hotel.

Ismet says that Chateau Lambousa has been advertised, for a month now, on the hotel reservation page, which has been a big boost for the hotel.

There is a lot going on. In addition to the hotel and the area of bungalows which also belongs to the hotel will within a short time merge with the nearby Club Asana. Today’s bed capacity of 240 beds will then rise to 300. They are also working on building an indoor pool and a spa.

The hotel has become a meeting place, not only for residents but also for visitors who want to eat good food and visit any of the events organized by the hotel. Last week was the Chateau Lambousa hosted the annual competition Best Model of North Cyprus, which was broadcast live on TV.

Kingdom of Hospitality? Absolutely! After checking out of our room, it is not just the hotel, we said goodbye to, but also the whole family spirit, friendly and service oriented staff, clean rooms and good food.  We will definitely return!

Telefon: +90 392 821 3535

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