CESV training session

By Claire Lamb

Monday night training sessions for the CESV gave the members an ideal opportunity to try out some of the new equipment bought recently.

The last CESV training session was a refresher in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) combined with a chance for us to try out the new mannequins. Although most of our members are proficient in this aspect of 1st aid we have a few new members who had requested that we cover this whilst being introduced to our new “family”!

In previous training sessions we have had 3 different stations for people to pass through for training on an adult, child and baby CPR. Our new training packs mean we can still divide into groups but each group has their own family to practise on – a lot less confusing! Although the basic rules apply to each age group there are vital differences depending on stage of development. Imagine what would happen if an adult sized breath was used on a baby! Many of our members have children or grandchildren so this was a particularly valuable training experience for them.

Some of our members had commented that before joining the CESV they would not have had the confidence to attempt CPR if faced with a real life emergency but now feel they are equipped with the necessary skills to give that casualty a chance of survival.

Although the primary role of the CESV is to help out at public events the training given is also of importance in helping our communities and our own families. We have used the skills acquired through the CESV training many, many times and it is a comfort to our family members, friends and neighbours that they have someone to call on if needed.

As a way of taking our training out into the community we are offering once monthly training sessions to those in the Esentepe/Tatlisu areas. If you are interested in joining in and learning new skills or brushing up the old then please email stating which day you would prefer and if evening or day time suits. Once we have numbers we will issue details of when the training sessions will start. These will be held regularly once a month and will cover all aspects of 1st aid training that is covered in the one day 1st aid course.

If you are interested in seeing what the CESV get up to then please click here or visit our Facebook page click here. Do come along and join in so you too can make a difference!



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