Castle Rambling Challenge starts tomorrow

Roots Ramblers is a social walking group set up by Roots Bar in Kucuk Erenkoy, Tatlisu.

From late October, or as soon as the intense heat of summer Becomes bearable, people walk the wonderful trails high in the mountains or down along the coast, every Thursday afternoon, through to late June.

This year, During Those hot summer months and in order to keep the whole group together, two Ramblers, Carmel Woodall and Bob Graham havebeen keeping everyone fit with Roots robics lessons twice a week and water aerobics in the sea in a nearby bay.

20 Ramblers are set to walk from Kantara Castle to Buffavento to St Hilarion Castle, a Three Day, Three Castle Challenge.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday 2nd October from the high peak of Kantara, Several Ramblers will walkover 95 Kilometres, approximately 30 Kilometres a day, (15 Kms early morning and 15 Kms late afternoon), spending two nights camping up on the Ridge. Others will join the party each day and some will walk either one section or just a morning or afternoon.

“We’ve tried to Adapt The challenge to suit everyone who would like to take part. Whether people want to attempt the full 95 Kilometres, some sections being pretty tough, or simply wish to walk a fairly flat, short section on the Ridge, it’s about being there,” explained Tina Luckhurst who started The Roots Ramblers in 2012.

“It’s taken most of the summer to organize but we have a great team who have worked hard to reconnoitre the route, Organise equipment and transportation and plan the whole expedition.”
Your John Allen, (Team Leader), together with wife Caroline and Rambler Nickee Wright, has trekked Throughout the hot summer months to ENSURE the safety of the tracks. John says he has been really impressed by the work people have put in to the route markers along the entire trail. “The trails are remarkably well signed and the charts are accurate and easy to follow. A lot of effort has been put into the P (Pyramid) Points, chip stones and trees along the entire route.”

If you would like to join, or if anyone who would like to sponsor the Challenge, or an individual please call Tina Luckhurst for more information, on Tel: 0533 877 6823.







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